Thursday, December 11, 2008

The World’s Top Spy Agencies. Rate your favorite !

Sirdoon - Among feared agencies of the past were KGB of former Soviet Union now known FIS (Foreign Intelligence Services) or SVR in Russian. President Putin were famously accused of employing tactics that made this agency well known and effective.


Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR)

Country: Russia

Area of expertise: Officially—counterterrorism and protecting Russian commercial interests abroad. Unofficially—consolidating political power back home.

Activities: Russia has a formidable spying tradition that dates back to the czarist-era Cheka. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the once omnipotent KGB was broken up into several smaller organizations with vastly limited powers.

Since ex-KGB man Vladimir Putin took power, however, the SVR, or Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedk as it’s known in Russian, has recovered much of its swagger. Russian spying within the United States is now back to Cold War levels, U.S. officials believe. Peter Earnest, the executive director of the International Spy Museum in Washington, who matched wits with the KGB as a CIA operative for over three decades, shared this assessment.

“They are as important today as they ever were, if not more,” he said. “Russia has not eased off at all on its espionage activities.” The SVR is widely suspected to have played a role in the assassination of ex-spy Alexander Litvinenko in London last year. Putin has denied this allegation and lauded the SVR as “one of the most professional and effective special services.” In reality, the intelligence services have emerged as one of the most powerful political groups in Putin’s Russia, and ex-KGB agents occupy many of the Kremlin’s key positions. As the Russian saying goes, “There’s no such thing as an ex-Chekist.”


Israel's Mossad or the "Institute" in Hebrew is also one of the agencies that employ wide range of tactics. Actually, most analysts consider Mossad the best in the business of spying the enemy, locating and getting classified technology in where in the world and eliminating the enemy by wide range of assassinations. Including poisoning, sniper shooting, and electrocuting.

The Mossad

Country: Israel

Area of expertise: Combating Islamist terrorism, evacuating Jewish refugees

Activities: “We’re all students of the Mossad,” says Earnest. Since it was founded in 1951, “the Institute,” as it translates in English, has acquired a reputation for extraordinary skill and aggressiveness in combating Israel’s enemies. Some of its notable achievements include the abduction of Nazi leader Adolf Eichmann from Argentina in 1960, the assassination of the planners of the 1972 Munich Olympics killings, and the assassination of a senior Hamas operative with an exploding cellphone in 1996. The Mossad has also been active over the years in efforts to assist Jewish refugees who seek to immigrate to Israel, including the secret airlifting of thousands of Ethiopian Jews in “Operation Moses” in 1984. The Mossad made some moves toward greater transparency and openness in the 1990s, including revealing the name of its director for the first time, but under Ariel Sharon it turned back toward the clandestine operations for which it is best known. Reports indicate that the Mossad may have had either an agent or an informant at the Syrian military installation that Israel bombed in


China's Ministery of State Security has formidable intelligence wing that is not well known but being around for decades.


Ministry of State Security

Country: China

Area of expertise: Industrial espionage and data analysis, domestic security

Activities: The MSS is close in structure to the old Soviet KGB and is responsible for both domestic security and foreign espionage. Its overseas activities are believed to be focused aggressively on the United States, particularly its high-tech industries and military technology. Rather than relying on a handful of agents, the MSS views almost anyone has a potential intelligence asset and gathers intelligence on new weapons systems painstakingly over time through personal contacts. “Chinese espionage is different than Western espionage,” says Earnest.

“We go after a secret somewhere; they go after numbers. They collect little bits and pieces and put it together.” Sources often don’t even realize they’ve collaborated with a foreign spy mission, and the thousands of Chinese diplomats, students, and business people who travel to the West every year make spies incredibly difficult to detect. Through this method, the Chinese have managed to reverse engineer numerous U.S. weapons systems. China appears to be stepping up its espionage efforts in cyberspace as well. In September 2007, the Pentagon accused China of hacking into U.S. Defense Department databases. The governments of Germany and Britain have made similar accusations.


India's main intelligence agency was created to distabilize Pakistan for years ago, but it is becoming a new comer in the wold stage since the start of the war on terror by sharing data with other big agencies such as the CIA, MI6 and Mossad.

Research and Analysis Wing

Country: India

Area of expertise: Destabilizing Pakistan

Activities: RAW was founded in 1968 specifically to counter Pakistani support of militant groups within India, but over the years it has grown into one of the world’s most formidable intelligence services, with wide-ranging activities in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh, and elsewhere.

It is particularly active in Bangladesh, where it played a key role in that country’s movement for independence from Pakistan. Pakistani authorities often blame RAW for terrorist attacks in their country. Although these accusations tend to lack evidence, RAW does have a history of backing militant groups in Kashmir, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka. Recent years have not been easy for RAW.

In 1996, RAW was implicated in a scandal involving the illegal donation of funds to U.S. congressional campaigns. Stories about infiltration by U.S. and Chinese assets have become public scandals, and the media is now calling for greater transparency and oversight of the notoriously secretive agency.


Even Pakistan's Inter-services Intelligence has become more of a force to be reckon with when it comes dealing with weapons of mass destruction. It was accredited to be the creator of the nuclear power that Pakistan enjoys today. Among its responsibility is to protect the nations main asset - the Nuclear weapons:

ROUF BHAT/AFP/Getty Images

Inter-Services Intelligence

Country: Pakistan

Area of expertise: Destabilizing India

Activities: Sometimes described as a state within a state with virtually no oversight, ISI is best known for the firm control it exercises over Pakistan’s politics and its role in protecting the military from domestic opposition.

But the ISI has also been accused of playing both sides in the global war on terror—fighting Islamist extremists domestically while abetting them abroad. Whether spreading anti-Indian propaganda in Kashmir or funding Sikh separatists in Punjab, the ISI has consistently undermined India’s stability for decades.

India has accused the ISI of involvement in dozens of terrorist attacks over the years, including the Mumbai bombings of 2006 that killed 187 people. At the same time, the ISI has worked with the U.S. and allies to combat al Qaeda and the Taliban inside Pakistan.


MI6, CIA and other European agencies are also the most effective spay organizations with huge classified bugets. Most of those agencies were the product of the cold war era, but are adopting to the new threat of terrorist attacks and protecting technology.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

There are more Intelligence Agencies and acronyms now in the US than there are letters in your daily alphabet soup. CIA, FBI, NSA, ATF, DEA, DIA, NRO, NIMA, AFI, AI, NI, MCIA and the US Secret Service form a giant aggregate of bureaucracy power going mad. If you prefer alphabet cereals, there is more: the infamous CTU for those watching the ''24'' TV series, the new Department of Homeland Security, a new office of Director of National Intelligence (DNI), and all the other agencies that the government contemplates or intends to create.

Well, the rest of the world is even grown more than we can count. British and Other European countries have more agencies then they had in the year 2000.

Don't forget about the Middle East version of Mukhabarat, Arabic name for Intelligence. Famous MOSSAD and other smaller versions exist in Israel. What about Iran and Syria?

China has more operations in Africa and the West than combined other Asian rivals. It is sometimes hard to keep track the names of Chinese Intelligence Agencies since their Alphabet Character is different than Latin. Canada and US governments have reported substantial increase of Chinese Spies in their Countries gathering technology and other sensitive information.

African countries are catching up with the West. South Africa is leading the way by modifying its Apartheid era security agency. Ethiopia, Ghana and Nigeria have the largest network so far penetrating other African countries secrets.

The new cold war between human interests in today's society is information gathering. If you are capable of having enormous information against your adversaries, you have the advantage in dealing with any threat or strategic shift they may make. That is the motto of today's world.

Security and protection way of life is the main justification of intelligence community’s existence and budgeting.
To read more about the US and other Strategic Inteliggence Services size and scope visit:

Monday, February 25, 2008

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Sidee loo helaa sirta: Ma hab u gaara ayaa jira?

Waxa sirtu tahay waa xog ku saabsan meesha dal dani ka gasho. Sida keliya ee lagu helaana waa in shaqaale u gaar ah loo tababaraa dhaqaalena loo qoondeeyaa. Dabadeed la sameeyaa waax u gaar ah oo ka madax bannaan tartanka siyaasadda dalka.

Waa in sharci gooonni ah lagu dhisaa oo dad aaminsan jiritaanka dalka ay hogaanka waxdaasi qabtaan.

Dagaalkii koowaad ee adduunka dabadii ayaa dadkii yuhuudda ahaa ee deggenaa falastiin ogaadeen in aad looga badanyahay. Oo carabtu ku hareeraysan tahay. Dawladda Britain oo markaa xukumaysay siyaasadeedu ahayd in aanay qolana waxyeelin.

Shacbiga Yuhuudda oo uu hogaaminayo Ben Gurion ayaa waxay iska uruuriyeen lacag si ay u laaluushaan askarta Carabta. Waxayna markii dambe ogaadeen inay dani ugu jirto inay wadaan dedaalka uruursiga wixii macluumaad ah ee ku sabsaan dhaqdhaqaaqa Carabta iyo falalka ay guda jiraan inuu yahay mid u fiican ka hortagga dhibka u iman kara.

War laantu waxay dal ku keentaa khasaare xoog leh. Ta ugu xumi waa iyadoo si degdeg ah oo aan digniin lahayn dagaal lagu qaado. Oo ciidanka oo aa ndhug lahayn la weeraro.

Tusaale ahaan dalka Maraykanku waxay wax ka barteen dagaalkii dhinaca cirka ee Pearl Harbor ee Japenese ku soo qaaday dagaalkii labaad ee adduunka bishii December, 1941 kii. Waxanay kalliftay in loo qiimeeyo habka basaasnimada iyo sirdoonka dalka oo lagu eedeeyey inay ku fashilmeen hawshoodii.

Sidoo kale dalal Jarmalka ayay mucjiso ku noqotay dagaalkii Normady ee D-day loo yaqaan oo xeebaha Faransiiska lagu weeraray. Isagoo ku hungoobay sir war oo been ah oo moodayay inuu dagaalku ka dhacayo dhinaca gobolka Pas de Calais bishii June 6-deedii 1944 kii. Taasoo ciidamadii huwanta ahaa ee uu Maraykanku hoggaaminayay dhirbaaxo lexaad leh ugu geysteen is balladhintii Jarmalka.

Waxa ay sidoo kale dalka ISreal calool xumo ka qaaday filan waagii dagaalkii Bishii Oct., 1973-kii markii ay Masar iyo Siiriya ku qaadeen dagaal lama filaan ah. Waxay arrintaasi mucjiso ku noqotay hayadaha sirdoonka ee Isreal ee SHabi Shabet ee mileteriga iyo kuwa Mossad oo aan wax digniin ah ka bixin.

Faa'idada dhinaca mileteri ka sokow sirdoonka iyo war hayntu waxay kelliftaa in ay xogta habboon ee madaxda la soo gadhsiiyaa caawiso wixii go'aan ah ee ku saabsan horumarka dalka.

Dhinaca dhaqaalaha tusaale ahaan, markii waddamada Carabtu ka xidheen saliidda shidaalka ee ay dalalka reer galbeedku noolyihiin ayaa iayana lama filaan ku noqotay dalka Maraykanka. Waxana ay noqotay mid curyaamisa dhaqaalaha oo safaf loo galo xarumaha shidaalka. Taasoo beddeshay habka sirdoonka. Waxanay keentay in la abuuro qaybo CIA da u qaabilsan basaasidda arrmaha dhaqaalaha iyo teknoljiyadda.

Haddaba muhiimadda sirta ma helidda xogta cadawgaagu waxa uu damacsanyahay. Ama saaxiibkaagu wuxuu ku fikirayo ama ku kacayaa waxay tahay mid aad muhiim ugu ah jiritaanka dal. Waxana ay tahay laan muhiim ah oo u baahan in si taxaddar ah loo abuuro.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sirdoonka iyo Isticmaalkiisa

Sidee buu Sirdoonku u shaqeeyaa?

Weydii su'aashan qof Somali ah, boom, markiiba waxay xasuusanayaan NSS (waa xafiiska sirta ee dawladdii burburtay ee Somaliya oo afka qalaad la odhan jiray National Security Service afka hooyana Nabad Sugidda Somaliyeed).

Inkastoo ay jireen hayado badan oo cabudhinta dadka loo samaystay sida Hangash oo ahayd mid qarsoodi ah oo shaqadeedu ahayd tirtirka wixii dawladda ka horyimaadda. tirtirka oo looga jeedo dil, jidh dil cabsi gelin ah ama khiyaamayn qofka lagu tuhmo inuu dawladdii markaa xukunka haysay siyaasadeedda ka hor imanyo.

Haddana NSS ayaa aad caan u ahayd. Oo bilawgii kasbatay qadarin. Waayo waxa aad uga buuxay aqoonyahanno dalka iyo dibaddaba lagu soo tababaray. Waxay heleen xirfad badan oo hayadaha sirta ee caanka ah sida KGB oo kale ay la wadaagi jireen culuunta iyo tababarka.

Waxay lahayd silsilad (Network) muhiim ah oo qalabka wararka la isugu tebiyo, kuwa wax lagu duubo, sawiro iyo wax lagu dhegaystaba ay ka heleen dalalka hore u maray oo markaa Somaliya u arkayay meel u muuhiim ah dagaalka qabow ee reer Bariga iyo reer Galbeeka ka dhexeeyey xilligaas.

Waxa xitaa lagu xantaa in silsiladdooda wardoonku ahayd mid aad u dhex gashay bulshada oo afartii qof ee miis wada fadhiyaa ay kala baqaan. Waxa lagula kaftamaa inay xirfadaha ay isticmaali jireen ay ka mid ahayd in masaakiin iska dhigta inay tuugsanayso ama dawarsanayso la dhigo aagga warka laga rabo. Si ay u uruuriyaan macluumaadka dadka la abbaarayo.

Intii hore waxay NSS tu noqotay hayad miisaan badan u leh maamulkii markaa jiray. Nasiib darro sidii hayadihii kale ee jiray ayay noqotay mid danta qaranka ku tumata oo ta madaxda maamulka dalka haysata u adeegta.

Innagoon ku dheeraan NSSta ayaa su'aashii aynu is weydiinay ahayd sidee buu sirdoonku u shaqeeyaa aynu u dhigno dhawr siyood:

Dalalka reer galbeedku waxabay aamin sanyihiin in war la'aan aanad ogayn cidda aad la macaamilaysaa siday u fikirayaan, u shaqeeyaan, u wada dhaqmaan, ula dhaqmaan dadka kale ama iyagu u nool yihiin ay tahay mid keeni karta go'aan qaadasho burbur keeni kara.

Waxay aad ugu dedaalaan sidii ay u uruin lahaayeen macluumaad ku saabsan madaxda kale ee addunka jira. Ama madaxweyne ha ahaado ama xafiis hoose ha hayee. Cid kasta oo iyaga ay dan ama arrini ka geli karto. Waxay isku dayaan inay la socdaan tusaale ahaan habka uu madaxeyne dal u shaqeeyo, Siduu u nool yahay, waxa uu jecelyahay raaxo ahaan. Cidda u dhaw ee uu la hadlo ama u furfurmo, cidda xafiiskiisa u galgalka badan iyo siday u nool yihiin. Meelaha uu tago ama dariiqa uu shaqada u tago. Xitaa hadduu qayilo wax kale iska daayoo nooca jaadka uu jecelyahay iyo goortuu fadhiisto, cidda uu ka helo inuu la qayilo iyo tobigyada uu jecel yahay inuu ka hadlo. Nooca filamada ama barnaamijyada uu daawado. goorta uu telefoonada dirto iyo markuu marqaamo sidii u dhaqamo. Maalinta dambe ee habeen ka hadhku sidii u taabto. Inuu yahay qof jaadka ka seexan waaya ama mid aanu waxba yeelin.

Tusaalehaa sare wuxuu ku tusayaa siday culuunta qof kasta oo ay la kulmayaan u uruuriyaan haydaha sirdoonka ee dalalka hore u maray. Waxana aan shaki ku jirin safarkii uu Madaxweynaha Somaliland Dahir Rayale uu ku tegay dalalka Britain iyo Maraykanka dhawaan ay intii aanay la kulmin og yihiin waxa uu shakhsi ahaan yahay Madaxweynaha iyo inta la socotaaba.

Hayadaha sirdoonku waxay leeyihiin xafiiska u qaabilsan deriska hab nololeedka iyo dabeecadaha dadka ay markaa rabaan inay wax ka ogaadaan oo loo yaqaan, "Behavior Analysts Department". Waxana aad caan ugu ah hayadda wardoonka sirta ee Mossad ee dalka Isreal leedahay oo ku jira kuwa addunka ugu murugsan habka ay u shaqeeyaan. Waxa kaloo xafiiskan ay u badan yihiin aqoon yahaniinta culuunta maskaxda, Psychologists.

Iyadoo ay habka sirta loo doonaa ay badan tahay ayaa waxa hora isweydiin leh waa maxay sirtu? Maxaynu ku qeeexi karnaa?

Sirtu waa macluumaad ama war u gaar ah shakhsi, koox ama dal oo aan loogu tala gelin in cid intaa ka baxsan lala wadaago sababo badan daraadeed. Taasoo haddii qof, koox ama dal aan loogu tala gelin ay helaan dhibaato, dib u dhac ama hadaf qalooc u keeni karta cidda sirta iska leh.

siyaabaha loo uruuriyo macluumaadkaas iyo sida loo tebiyo, isticmaalo iyo weliba tusaaleyaal muhiim ah ayaynu qormadeenna dambe ku soo qaadan doonnaa.